5 Top Makeup Tips for Trans Women

There is no shortage of makeup tips and YouTube tutorials for you to choose from when trying to learn how to do makeup as a Transgender woman. The options can be overwhelming. We can’t list them all, but we can give you a few to checkout as a place to start. To begin here are 5 great tips to follow:

  1. Brighten your Under Eyes
  2. Conceal beard shadow
  3. Contour: Play with shadows & Light
  4. Softening the features is also achievable by drawing light to different areas of the face
  5. Define your Lips

Here are some links to checkout to get you started:

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Here are several YouTube videos, again just to get you started:

How to Pass | Makeup for Transgender Women

Makeup 101 for Transgender Women

This one I have learned a lot from! Wayne Goss