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Take Care of Your Mental Health with Transgender Support in San Francisco and throughout the US

We’re proud of you for your dedication to being who you truly are, and want to give you the trans support you need to improve your mental health and take care of yourself. At My Transgender Nation, we’re dedicated to providing you with all the transgender resources in San Francisco you need to make changes in your life. We have built a long list of resources just for you, including events, legal assistance, educational resources, beauty products, and more.

Find the Support You Need

It can be challenging to navigate life as you deal with significant changes in your life. Sometimes, you don’t have support from your family and friends to help you make critical decisions and become who you always knew you were. That’s why we want you to get the transgender advice and support you need. Check out our YouTube channel for more information:

Support for Transgender Individuals is Critical

Many people don’t get support for their transgender journey in San Francisco and throughout the US, which can lead to a rapid decline in mental health. The results can be devastating. We recognize that you deserve to be who you are instead of pretending to be someone you’re not, and we’re dedicated to becoming your top transgender resource as you seek acceptance from those around you and make significant decisions that improve your life in the long run.

We’re Glad You’re Here

Welcome to ~ our new home. As a member of the Transgender family, I have found that the internet does not have an all-encompassing centralized site for us to go to for information, resources, questions, community and support. We are building this site in the hopes of filling that gap and look forward to providing our community with a positive, informative and interactive place for us to grow together.

Transgender Family

Jessica’s Story

It’s never too late to live your best life – no matter what the cost. When you are aligned with your true self, your world changes for the better.

Jessica Riley was only born 6 years ago – although she had been wanting to emerge for over 50 she was scared, confused, sad and much of the time angry not knowing what to do about her situation. After a lifelong struggle of living an unauthentic life, Jessica took one of the hugest steps any human could to live their best life, she became a transgender female. A journey that brought her to becoming a Transgender Advocate.

Learn more about Jessica’s Journey and how she plans to support motivate and inspire others on their path.

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My Transgender Nation YouTube Channel features Jessica’s Story On How She Transitioned at 57, Interviews with her family and friends and Partner Spotlights – businesses that our community can count on for support. Give us your feedback, let us know what would help and support you on your journey.
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